Flooring Installations in Largo, FL

Flooring Installations

After your purchase of vinyl, hardwood or laminate flooring in Largo, FL, Bell’s Hardwood Flooring works directly with you to set up a complete installation. Instead of forcing you to coordinate with contractors or find your own installers, we take care of everything at the time of purchase, ensuring there are no unanswered questions or unaccounted variables.

Sales and Scheduling

Bell’s Hardwood Flooring makes flooring installation in Largo, Pinellas County, Belleair Bluffs, Indian Shores, Seminole, Safety Harbor, and Clearwater, FL easy! When you’ve picked out the right option, we help you set up an installation time right away. No coordinating with contractors or waiting for someone to call you with an installation timeframe. Instead, we partner with reputable installers to make sure everything goes smoothly, with zero headaches for you. And, of course, we guarantee the gold standard for installation!

Need to hold off on installation? No problem. We can be contacted any time after a sale to coordinate installation. This option is great for homeowners going through renovations or new construction, who may not know their timeline for installation.

In the event the product you purchased is discontinued or no longer offered by the manufacturer, we’ll work with you to hunt down a comparable product.

* Please note, we cannot coordinate installations for products not purchased through Bell’s Hardwood Flooring. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Our Installation Partners

For all installation projects, we work directly with partnered installers who have a proven track record and a longstanding relationship with our business. This allows us to take responsibility for installation scheduling and any warranty-related issues that may come up in the future. Rest assured, we’ll do all of the coordinating to make the experience simple and stress-free for you.

Questions about the installation process? Talk with a member of our staff today by calling 727-518-9122 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have. We’ll walk you through the installation process and help you understand everything that goes into scheduling.

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