Preparing Before Installation

Customers should move everything out of the room, or rooms where flooring is to be installed. However, some of our customers are unable to remove the larger items by themselves; we will be happy to assist you with those pieces. With the exception of grand pianos, computers, antiques, aquariums, wall units, and water beds, etc. You should have professional help for these items. Bell’s Hardwood Flooring will not be responsible for any damages.

Bell’s Hardwood Flooring is not responsible for any water lines connected to or not connected to appliances. We will shut off and disconnect water source, it will be the customers’ responsibility to reconnect water lines. Bell’s Hardwood Flooring is not responsible for water damage caused from dysfunctional and or old water lines or drains.

Stereo equipment, speakers, DVD units, and TVs should be disconnected and removed. Wall items that are breakable, and or hard to dust should be removed. Some of our installations require that we sand your concrete, to remove loose paint, and curing compounds this process stirs up dust. This process (when needed) is necessary to insure a secure bond to the concrete sub-floor. When the dust is gone you will be satisfied in knowing that your floor has been properly installed.

Shoe Molding

When using primed shoe molding it is the painters/homeowners responsibility to fill nail holes and paint the moldings. Also, customers may pick up primed shoe moldings prior to installation, if they wish to paint them in advance.


Small animals should be removed; the fumes from the glue could be harmful to them. Larger animals should be locked up for their safety, even cats (sometimes will walk through the glue and track through the rest of the house).

Protecting the Floor

Felt pads should be applied to the furniture. This will enable you to (carefully) slide your furniture without scratching or marring the finish of your wood floor. Some furniture legs will have small plastic glides on them, it is best to remove them before installing felt pads. (Which is to be the responsibility of the customer, not the installers). This allows the weight to be distributed evenly. Please have this done prior to installation.