Why Real Hardwood Floors?

Real wood floors made of Maple, Oak, Hickory, Pine, Elm and Pecan should be as familiar to you as the countless city streets that are named after these trees. Their rich natural colors and handcrafted quality are what we have come to expect in American homes.

Quick reasons why you should choose real wood:

  • Natural, warm, authentic color
  • Simple, yet decorate for any room in the home
  • Rugged, yet charming
  • Durable, yet easy to care for
  • Beauty that's hard to tire of
  • Lifetime guarantees from manufacturers
  • Adds real value to a home
  • Environmental footprint – the natural choice
Wood flooring is the all-around smart choice.
Wood vs Plastic Laminate Flooring (a.k.a. the Fake Wood Floor)
Plastic laminate flooring looks and acts just like a real wood floor, right? Well, not exactly. The countertop industry has entered the world of floor covering in the past few years with a product called plastic laminate flooring. While these floors have somewhat the appearance of wood, upon closer inspection they appear more closely related to cardboard. The printed wood image can be as thin as a human hair and when chipped it exposes the fiberboard core of the panel. The visual appearance of the printed wood pattern may look great in a small sample, but in a large area you will notice how the pattern of the flooring panel repeats – usually about every five boards. Also, when you walk upon a plastic laminate floor your footsteps make a hollow, tip-tappy sound. All floor coverings wear; and when plastic laminates chip or when they lose their gloss due to wear, they must be thrown away. Applying additional coats of urethane to the surface can renew most real wood floors. Much of the selection we carry is also backed by warranties offered by the manufacturers. So why "fake it" when you can have real wood floor that adds real value to your home?


How does real wood flooring compare to the other types of flooring coverings?
Real Wood Plastic Laminate Carpet Vinyl Ceramic Tile
Adds long-term value to your home
Ability to be recoated
Resistant to staining
Hypoallergenic (no molds or dust)
Environmentally sound
Adds structural strength