Steam Cleaning Floors

“Could you please tell me if I can use a steam cleaner or steam mop on my laminate or hardwood floor?”

This question gets asked frequently since customers often want to subject some of the most moisture sensitive flooring products there are to excessive heat and hot water.

A quick Google search on this topic and the responses that come up from the Steam Cleaner manufacturers found that they were all in favor of using these machines. However, many warranties and maintenance recommendations from suppliers and from National Flooring Organizations state otherwise.

Below are statements from various manufacturers and National Organizations on the use of Steam Cleaners;
  • National Wood Floor Association (NWFA); NWFA Technical Publication No. C100 Maintenance and Recoating of Hardwood Floors 2010, states on page 5, 7th point, “Using steam or excessive water may damage a wood floor.”
  • National Laminate Flooring Association (NLFA); Does not endorse the use of Steam Cleaning machines on Laminate flooring.
  • World Floor Covering Association (WFCA); We cannot find a manufacturer of either laminate flooring or hardwood flooring that will recommend the use of Steam Cleaning equipment on their floors. To clean and maintain your hardwood or laminate flooring, sweeping and/or using a vacuum cleaner (without the beater bar used for vacuuming carpet) should be sufficient. Occasionally clean with a mop (micro-fiber or terrycloth hooded for laminate floors) slightly moistened with a cleaning product recommended by the flooring manufacturer.
  • Mirage; Steam cleaners are not recommended for use on Mirage floors. Mirage floors are created by installing a number of individually sealed boards. Moisture from the cleaning machine could potentially get between the boards and damage the floor.
  • Anderson Hardwood; Never wet-mop, damp-mop, or clean your Anderson Hardwood floor with water or other products. This can severely damage the flooring and will void the warranties. Do not use hardwood floor cleaning machines or steam cleaners.
  • LM Flooring; LM’s stance on steam cleaners is “DO NOT USE THEM”. We have found they cause all kinds of problems with engineered floors.
  • Konecto and Starloc Flooring; “DO NOT USE THEM”. They are not recommended.
  • Metroflor Laminique; “DO NOT USE THEM”. They are not recommended.
  • Tarkett Laminate and Vinyl Flooring; Not Recommended. Tarkett is not responsible for damage caused by extreme heat or temperatures from cleaning care or maintenance.
  • Avaire Floating Porcelain Tile; Avaire does Not Recommend the use of steam cleaners. The high heat associated with steam may temporarily soften grout lines. We do not recommend repeated softening and hardening of the grout lines. Additionally, any dirt not removed from the grout lines and left on softened grout may become hardened into the grout line when cooled.
  • DuChateau Floors; We do not allow steam cleaners on DuChateau Floors.
  • Armstrong/Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Flooring; NEVER CLEAN WITH STEAM CLEANERS. This may permanently damage the floor.
  • Armstrong LUXE; If you choose to use a non-Armstrong maintenance or cleaning product and you have an issue, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of that
  • Wellmade Bamboo; NEVER CLEAN WITH STEAM CLEANERS. Moisture problems such as wet mopping, and Steam Cleaning will void product warranty.
  • Indusparquet Hardwood; We do not recommend steam cleaners on our flooring.
  • Triangulo Hardwood; Not Recommended. This will void product warranty.
  • Columbia Hardwood & Laminate; WET MAINTENANCE IS ENTIRELY FORBIDDEN! Never wet mop or use wet or steam cleaners on your floor.
One manufacturer does recommend the use of Steam Mops on their Hardwood floor;
  • LM Hardwood; You can use steam mops on our floors – just tell them to make sure it does not leave any standing water behind. It’s actually a really easy way to maintain our floors – they do not need to be swept well or vacuumed first, to get all loose debris before steam mopping.


Bell’s Hardwood Flooring does not recommend steam cleaning due to the potential damage it could cause on your laminate or hardwood flooring.