Refinishing Products Make Job Easier

All fine hardwood floors can be refinished. In 95% of the cases though, renewing the finish takes only a simple recoating with a quality polyurethane floor finish. Today recoating a hardwood floor is made easy with the introduction of the new water-based polyurethane finish technology. They are safe to use, require only a few hours to dry, and clean up with soap and water.

Following manufacturer’s instructions can successfully complete recoating small areas or a complete floor. We suggest employing a professional refinisher who fully warrants his procedures. The following is a general outline for recoating a hardwood floor.


1. Floor must be clean.
Free of all wax, cleaning compound and oily residue

2. Abrade the finish to ensure a proper mechanical bond.
Lightly abrade surface, but not deep enough to reach the color or bare wood.This is a very important step. Use a Bona Conditioning pad and make sure all shiny spots resulting from unevenness are dulled adequately.

3. Remove dust.
Vacuum thoroughly to remove all surface dust and contaminants. Wipe the floor down with a damp cloth to remove all fine dust.

4. Apply finish.
Apply finish coat according to finish manufacturer directions.

Refinishing to Change Color

If your redecorating plans require the hardwood floor to change color or tone, the good news is that your floors can be refinished. Ask your professional floor refinisher for color selections.