Buying War

Internet buying prices wood cheap, but check the price of the glue and trims (don’t forget to add freight). Look at the disclaimer: if you don’t buy manufacturers glue, the warranty will be void. If you have a problem with the product, who will come to your house and inspect the floor? If you have a problem with installation, who do you call?

Discount/wholesale stores are nothing more than a retail outlet; they might buy pallets of certain products or they will promote cabin grade (2nds). Cabin grade does not have any warranties. Most discount/wholesale stores do not have their own installers. They will sell you the flooring and give you a list of installers. This is fine until you have a problem–usually it’s a battle. The discount/wholesale store will tell you it’s an installation problem; the installer (if you can find him) will tell you it’s a manufacturer problem; the manufacturer will tell you that their glue or its cabin grade wasn’t used, and that your warranty is void, etc, etc.

Carpet stores usually sell everything from carpet, vinyl, laminate, tile and wood. They will sell a job installing wood once in a while, however most of the time you end up with the carpet installer putting in your wood floor. Or, if they have an independent wood installer, they have to work around his schedule because he’s working for other carpet stores to stay busy.

Why Bell’s Hardwood Flooring

We will educate you on the different wood products, and show you the quality difference. Wood flooring is all we do. Our installers work for us and attend wood flooring seminars to keep abreast on new products, glues, and installation procedures. We are licensed and insured, (as of June 1, 2003 the Pinellas County construction licensing board passed a new law stating all wood floor contractors must have a finish carpentry license). The manufacturers do not have to honor any claims if the floor was not installed properly.

Bell’s Hardwood Flooring will give you a quality product and professional installation at a competitive price.

Thank You,
Jerry Bell