Allergies And Hardwood

Selling hardwood floors…just what the doctor ordered

More than 17 million Americans suffer from allergies today. That’s a huge segment of the buying public. Allergic diseases can strike people of all ages–men, women and children–and effect every area of life.

Doctors recommend hardwood flooring

Something to keep in mind when selling hardwood floors, is the health benefits that they offer for people with allergies.

Allergies, abnormal reactions to common substance, are so widespread and cause such discomfort and inconvenience that their treatment and care are matters of intense concern to millions of sufferers.

“If people ask me what they can do to make their home less allergy-causing, I tell them to stick with hardwood floors,” writes Allen D. Gilbert, M.D.

“As an allergist practicing in Dallas, Texas, I specialize in diseases and allergies of the ear, nose and throat–the most prevalent kind of allergies. When treating a person with allergies, I recommend that they try to make their environment as dust-free as possible. One excellent decorating choice for minimizing dust in the home is hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors definitely create many fewer problems with dust. There’s no flaring up of dust as you clean, a problem more likely to occur with carpet.

Out-gassing can occur with newly-laid carpet, especially recommend hardwood flooring for bedrooms if possible. The hardwood creates a much less allergic environment. Many carpets are petroleum based and out-gassing may occur for up to a year or two. These fumes can cause burning and sneezing in individuals who are sensitive. That new smell many people notice when they’ve just had carpet laid could be out-gassing. Fumes may remain in the air and cause problems for quite sometime. I’ve had patients who had to get rid of their carpets to get relief from their allergies. If people ask me what they can do to make their home less allergy-wood floors wherever possible.

Hardwood flooring means less dust, ease of cleaning, no out-gassing, and no odors from smoke, pets and food staying in the environment to cause reactions.

Quality and finish are especially important to those with allergies

In selling to people with allergies who are considering the switch to hardwood flooring, encourage your customer to look for a quality product with a urethane finish. Urethane is very durable and easy to keep dust-free. New technology and state-of-the-art finishing make today’s hardwood flooring easier to clean and less apt to trap dust.